About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our company AirServices. We are one of the largest of air-charter brokers, specializing in wide variety of air transportation services. We prepare and organize charter-cargo flights, charter-passengers flights on per request basis. Also, we lease and sell aircrafts and spare parts. The list of our clients is continuously growing, and includes many airline companies, humane organization, shipping companies and couriers, as well as many others. During the recent years, we have chartered practically all types of aircrafts, from the smallest, such as Cessna 150, up to the biggest, such as AN-124. Our motto is to charter aircrafts effectively, keeping the operations at an optimal level of cost simultaneously. We are aware that in emergencies, like urgent maintenance requirements, spare parts or medivac requests, time is of the essence.


Ryszard Sergiejew

Chairman of the board